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  • Affordable Models based on Income Range

    Choose the right car based on your monthly income.

  • Ada kereta yang diidami? Hubungi kami sekarang untuk merancang pembelian kereta idaman anda!

  • Why Choose Us?

    Before you head out to shop for your favorite cars, speak to us to find out whether your car loan will potentially be approved or rejected and how to increase the chances of approval.



    Don't waste time shopping for new ride only to be turned down for financing. Ensure that you get the best picture of your financial approval chances across the best deals for your brand new ride.


    With informed details, we will be able to significantly increase your chance of obtaining financing for your dream car. All it takes it's just good data to make a difference in getting that car you've always wanted or settling for second best.


    Our customers dreaded in dealing with multiple salespeople and bankers for the same process, replicated across different parties. You only need one person to help and guide you through the whole process for a much simplified and convenient process of buying your new ride.


    Assurance that you're given top notch service and assistance to elevate the experience of your car buying with AutoSentral. Our AutoGenius team will help you through the tricky financing requirements and guide you to success for the purchase of your new ride.

  • How It Works

    Tired of paying multiple booking fees only to be told that your loan is not approved right after? 

    Pre-qualify your loans with us and shop with confidence!


    Indicate Your

    Preferred Car

    Share with us your preference and factors in selecting your next car.


    Check Financing Eligibility

    Submit your income documents, assessment consent, and make payment. Report will be generated within 3 working days.


    Finalise Your Pick

    Based on financing eligibility report, make a final decision on the car that would need your financing capability.


    Await Financing Approval

    Documents for financing will be submitted to financial institutions for approval. Expect 3-5 working days before response.


    Take Delivery!

    Once approved, pay remaining balance of downpayment and schedule to collect or get it delivered to where you are!


    Get ready for the car welcome kit specifically tailored by us for you too!

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    It was reported that food delivery riders were planning a 24-hour statewide strike on 5th August 2022 to protest what they feel is unfair compensation paid to riders. Riders are allegedly dissatisfied with the remuneration they are receiving. Riders are paid a set rate per delivery and earn...
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    The crucial bit of what we do to help you save your time when you're buying a car is to let you know the choices of cars based on your financing eligibility.


    With Financing Eligibility Assessment, we will be working closely with you to ensure that you significantly increase the possibility to finally own the car you've always wanted in a much easier and convenient way.

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a. carrying out new or existing client verification;
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l. for all other purposes incidental and associated with any of the above.

Autosentral will not intentionally disclose your personal data to any third party for any purpose other than for such purposes to which your consent encompasses except in the following circumstances:

a. you have given Autosentral your consent for the disclosure;
b. the disclosure;
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c. Autosentral disclosed your personal data in the reasonable belief that Autosentral had in law the right to disclose the personal data to the other person;
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For the avoidance of doubt, Autosentral may disclose your personal data to any of our officers, employees, agents or affiliates on a need-to-know basis without obtaining your prior consent.


Your personal data may be used by Autosentral in direct marketing via several platforms such as SMS, telemarketing and email blasts. In this regard, please note the following:

a. the following classes of services, products and subjects may be marketed:

(i) financial, insurance and investment related services and products as well as any associated promotional offers;
(ii) reward, loyalty or privileges programmes and related services and products; and
(iii) news, promotional materials on services and products offered by Autosentral and/or its co-branding partners;
b. the above services, products and subjects may be provided or solicited by Autosentral and/or:

(i) any of Autosentral and or it’s affiliates and associates;
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You have the right to access, correct and update your personal data in accordance with the PDPA. In general, and subject to certain exemptions, you are entitled to:

a. enquire whether Autosentral holds your personal data;
b. request access to your personal data within a reasonable time, at a prescribed fee, in a reasonable manner and in a form that is intelligible;
c. request the correction of your personal data; and
d. be given reasons if a request for access or correction is refused, and object to any such refusal.


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Autosentral will only keep your personal data for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected as well as to ensure due compliance with the law. Once they are no longer required to be retained by Autosentral, Autosentral will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your Personal Date is destroyed and permanently deleted.


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