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Enhanced TNG Card With NFC Chip

· Automotive News


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Touch ‘n Go will be releasing the new Enhanced TNG card with NFC technology in it. This Enhanced TNG card will finally allow users to reload their TNG card using only their phone directly from the Touch ‘n Go e-wallet app.

The new Enhanced TNG Card comes in white with a pearlescent finish. The NFC icon also could be seen at the upper right-hand-side corner of the card. Users could purchase this NFC card directly from the Touch ‘n Go e-wallet app with a price tag RM10 excluding the shipping fee.

The Enhanced TNG card with NFC technology reportedly could work on IOS and Android phones. Users just need to hold the card at the back of their smartphone for 5 seconds to reload their TNG Card after they link the Enhanced TNG Card to the e-Wallet app. However, users need to wait for an app update before they can use this feature.

The older version of TNG card only allows users to use the PayDirect function to pay for the toll charges. This feature will allow toll charges to deduct the balance from the eWallet app first. After the amount balance in the app is sufficient to pay the toll charges only then it will deduct the balance from the physical card. However, the older version app does not allow users to reload the physical card directly from the app. That is the missing feature that users have been waiting for.