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Why is Financial Assessment Important?

· Personal Finance

"I have 'clean' records, why do I still need to pay RM35 for the financial assessment?"

So, how clean is a “clean” record? To begin, a clean record doesn’t guarantee car loan approval. Much precious time could be saved when one undergoes a thorough financial assessment before applying for car loans.

Of course, there is a free Car Loan Eligibility Calculator available on CTOS website, but all users can see is just the total loan amount eligible and monthly payment required. Is that amount of information enough for one to meet his/her needs and expectations?

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It’s definitely a big NO and that’s when a car buyer needs help.

Imagine this scenario –

John dreams of getting a Honda Civic Type R and he has an average of RM5,000 monthly salary. But here comes the problem: he is not sure if he is eligible for a car loan and how much he can afford to pay for the monthly repayment.

To get his dream car, he needs to first understand his financial eligibility. John chooses to consult with the Autosentral team for a financing assessment. The whole process is fast and hassle-free. All John needs to do is just send out his personal details and provide relevant financial documents to the team, and he gets the complete financing assessment report.

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By getting the full financing assessment report, he gets a full image of his personal financial and the possibility of getting his car loan approval. Also, he receives effective advice from the Autosentral team on the ways to manage his existing debt facilities or income to increase the chance of him obtaining the financing based on the report.

Reliable or not?

It’s understandable that some of the clients may be skeptical about the RM35 assessment fee. However, they need to know that every company strives for a good reputation in the industry. So, they could be more afraid of being “scammed” by some clients with fake financing statements.

So, check your car loan approval score now with the Autosentral Financing Eligibility Assessment Report (AFEAR). Their services include the following:

- BNM Credit & CTOS Referencing

- Estimate Debt Service Ratio Analysis

- Financing Probability Scoring

- Vehicle Pricing Range Recommendation

- Vehicle Preferential Factor Recommendation

- Support to Improve Credit Rating and Financing Eligibility Enhancement Plan

- Best Deals Recommendation

Feel free to visit the website and please don’t hesitate to contact the Autosentral team via phone (+60 19-383 9484) or email with any questions.