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What's Cooking In June On Autosentral?

Enjoy Extra Savings This Month of Father's Day

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Let's make this Father's Day a special one this 2020. 

Enjoy special rebates from RM300 onwards (up to RM1,000!) on top of the dealership nationwide promotions when you purchase any brand new sparkling, shiny cars from us whether it is a Proton, Perodua, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi or Ford. Of course, not to mention, you always get the car with full-tanked petrol to ensure your ride starts as awesome as possible.

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How to get started? The whole point of buying your car of choice with Autosentral is the fast and easy process. We have customers who have successfully get a car within 1 week after getting in touch that include choosing the right car, obtaining the best terms of financing and taking the keys to the new car. Here's how it may happen to you too:

Step 1: Have a car in mind that you want to purchase.

Choose from the selection of car based on what you think may work for your budget and approval chances. If you haven't decided, no worries, talk to us to help you find out when we understand your requirements and narrow down your choices based on our findings.

Step 2: Run a financing eligibility check

After you have an idea of which car and the budget estimation in mind, we will guide you through a financing eligibility check on the same day (saves tonnes of time!) and you may get the feedback almost immediately too (applicable before 5pm, when after 5pm the results could be out the next working day). We would know by then when your approval chance is as good as it could get or what should we do based on your credit report to increase the approval chance in detail so that you can possibly still get your hands on the car of your choice. Alternatively, we will re-propose cars that will fit the financing requirements with the highest chance for approval based on current standings.

Step 3: Submission to bank for final approval

When it reaches this stage, your chance of getting approval is almost as high as one can get. Else, we will work closely with you to work on addressing the issues surfaced through your financial credit reports to make it looks like a worthy car loan borrower from the bank or financial institutions so that it's ready for the submission when the time comes.

Step 4: Settlement of outstanding downpayment balances 

Congratulations, you are one step away from getting your hands on the car of choice. You will receive an invoice from our partnering dealership for the final payment before taking the keys to your car. Once payment made, the regulatory works and ownership transfer tasks will be wrapped up by then. Here's when you let us know when you would have any preference for plate number or other requests (like bodykit, special rims, etc.) and they will be included in the final invoice for a smoother process.

Step 5: Collect the car, hurray!

You should've received the call by then that your car is now ready to be collected. We would facilitate the handover either by collection at a location near you. We can also facilitate delivery request although we strongly advise against it due to risks. Afterall, we want the car's first mileage to be clocked by you instead of someone else. This also means that you'll get the guide and advice upon collection on what you can do towards scheduling your first service and signing off.

Ready to begin your journey of getting the new ride with awesome savings and goodies? Let's chat with our friendly Autogenius team by clicking on the link here. We can't wait to talk to you to get you started!

Do you want to first check the nationwide dealership deals from the brands? Click on any of the brands here to check the listed promotions for June 2020: Toyota, Proton, Honda and to enjoy up to RM6,800 cash rebate. Not forgetting Ford, Perodua, and Mitsubishi too.