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What's Cooking in July on Autosentral?

It’s Tax Holiday! Save on your car purchase, starting from this month.

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The tax holiday continues this July 2020! Have you make up your mind on the right family car to go for a short trip while enjoying savings from tourism tax too? If yes, what about enjoying up to RM4,000 cash rebates and FREE financial checking when you purchase any brand new sparkling, shiny cars from us! Of course, not to mention, you always get the car with full-tanked petrol to ensure your ride starts as awesome as possible.

Let’s look into some of the highlighted family car models that suitable to go for a short trip.

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Proton X70: Intelligence that Inspires

The new 2020 PROTON X70 CKD that comes with the bold, elegant, striking, and luxury look that inspires you. The new 2020 Proton X70 also comes with the latest N95 Cabin Filter that combined with the Air Purifier System which allows you to breathe in the clean and purified air wherever you go. You can now enjoy up to RM7,000 Cash Rebates during this Tax Holiday month!

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Proton Exora: Intelligence that Moves

From top to bottom, the new Proton Exora spells style with space. Exora has won the “Most people in MPV” award in the Malaysia Book of Records with its roomy 7-seaters. If you are planning to go for a short trip with up to 7 family members, Exora is definitely the best choice. With the proven body structure and passive safety systems, let Exora protects you and your family. Enjoy up to RM2,500 Cash Rebates or click here to check out the other Proton Deals!

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Honda CR-V: Supremacy Returns

The CR-V marks its comeback with a bold new look. Its iconic high profile and distinctive accents command respect on the road. Enter the CR-V and you’ll be greeted by supple Leather Seats that invite you to your next journey. Every trip in the CR-V is always engaging, whether you’re driving or being driven. Time to drive your CR-V for a short trip while enjoying the advanced safety features keep you well-protected in the CR-V. Don't miss out the chance and save up to RM4,000 while enjoying the Tax Holiday with your friends and family!

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Honda Jazz: Load Your Big Dream

Jazz is the only hatchback that makes creative use of space with Ultra Seats. With style and a sparkling personality to match, Jazz attracts the young and youthful-at-heart to live life to the fullest. You don’t have to choose between an exhilarating drive and fuel economy. The best of both worlds is found in the EEV certified Jazz. You can now save up to RM3,500 if you book a Honda Jazz with us and do click here check out the latest Honda deals.

Ready to begin a short road trip during this weekend with awesome savings and goodies on your new car ride? Let's chat with our friendly Autogenius team by clicking on the link here. We can't wait to talk to you to get you started!

Do you want to first check the nationwide dealership deals from the brands? Click on any of the brands here to check the listed promotions for July 2020: Toyota, Proton, Honda, Ford, Perodua, and Mitsubishi to enjoy up to RM5,000 cash rebate.

Last but not least, wondering on How to Increase your Car Loan Approval? Click here to read more and feel free to book a FREE Car Consultation from our Autogenius team! We are giving out FREE Financing checking to the FIRST 50 customers who purchase any car from Autosentral for this month! Don't miss out the chance and cheers for the Tax Holiday!