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TnG Card Can Be Reloaded via eWallet by The End of This Year

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Finally, our expectations on reloading Touch ‘N Go card through eWallet has finally been announced from our respected TnG Group CEO Effendy Shahul Hamid. He shared a couple of updates about the group's original product – the good ol' Touch n Go card. During a media Q&A session on 29.03.21, Touch n Go eWallet's latest GO+ investment product was launched successfully.

Effendy mentioned the 93% of Touch ‘N Go parking surcharge has been eliminated. This means that only 2 sites left still have parking surcharge issues. The removal of parking surcharge by Touch ‘N Go is due to multiple complaints from citizens about absurd high pricing for parking using TnG. Another “top request” from city commuters is the ideal solution to use the TnG eWallet app to top up the physical Touch n Go card, which is actually being operated on.

TnG's CEO confirmed that by the end of thIS year, consumers would be able to reload TnG cards using the TnG eWallet app. He mentioned a "new version" of the card, which may mean that users would have to switch to or buy a new card to use the reload via app feature. So maybe the big reason we don't have this capability yet is due to the reliability or lack thereof of our serviceability TnG cards.

Thus, let's anticipate that we can enjoy the new feature that can ease our journey along the road by the end of this year. No more traffic jams at the toll plaza just because there’s someone without sufficient balance in their Touch ‘N Go card. With this feature, hopefully people can better plan their journey ahead and always be prepared for any causes.