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The Official Hyundai Promise Used Car Programme is now Available at the Old Klang Road

· Industry Updates

The used car market has been gaining in these past few years and for a good reason, the people want a cheaper vehicle. The Hyundai Promise authorized used car programme is now available at the Sime Darby Auto Hyundai showroom on Old Klang Road in KL.

The growing demand for Hyundai Promise-approved used cars is in line with the rise of the used car market in Malaysia. Furthermore, the demand for Hyundai used automobiles is steadily increasing, especially for the models released within the last five years.

Our authorized second hand cars have been in high demand as Hyundai Promise offers better convenience to clients in terms of accessibility, with two locations, one in Shah Alam, Selangor, and the other in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur.

Hyundai Promise is, in reality, a significant business area that complements the brand's current business ecosystem. All Hyundai Promise pre-owned automobiles, according to the Hyundai distributor, come with genuine parts and the original engine. Before they were approved and certified, they were subjected to "rigorous and thorough inspections" to verify that they were in "optimal electrical and mechanical condition.

All automobiles are free of significant accidents and come with a two to five year extended warranty, depending on the vehicle's age and mileage. Meanwhile, the new car owner has access to 24-hour roadside support. So, grab you key and head to our showroom to the car of your dreams now!