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Relief Assistance as announced by BNM to help ease Malaysian's livelihood.

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Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has allowed a delay of credit and financing reimbursement for as long as a half year to individuals and Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs) which will be effective from April 1, to help borrowers while the nation fights the coronavirus pandemic.

The national central bank said the delay is appropriate to performing credits that have not been financially past due for over 90 days as of April 1 and designated in ringgit.

Banks throughout Malaysia will give conversion for credit cardholders with an outstanding to adjust into a three-year term credit with decreased interest rates to help borrowers.

"Note that the interest/profit will keep on accruing on credit or financing repayments that are deferred and borrowers should respect the conceded repayments later on.

"Borrowers should, therefore, comprehend and follow up with their respective banking institutions about the options available before resuming your scheduled repayments after the deferment period," BNM said in an announcement.

The banking institutions are likewise permitted to talk about with their creditors to concede or reorganize their loan structure. The move, the national central bank said would empower organizations to protect occupations and resume economic activities when the conditions improve.

BNM emphasized that the financial framework stays strong and has enough liquidity to support the nation's money related need in spite of the decrease of the Statutory Reserve Requirement (SRR) by 100 basis points (bps).

It said the ongoing SRR decrease has discharged roughly RM30 billion worth of liquidity into the financial system on the overabundance liquidity assessed at RM160 billion.

"Of this, roughly RM100 billion positioned with the Bank under open market activities can likewise be utilized to meet the liquidity needs of the financial system.

"BNM will likewise keep on providing every day ringgit liquidity to banks through different apparatuses under our open market activities, including the altogether acquisition of government securities, foreign trade swaps, switch repos and the standing facility," it said.

BNM included it has explored its planned regulatory and supervisory activities in 2020 to ease compliance and operational weights on banking organizations in an offer to empower banking organizations to help their clients just as oversee dangers from current developments.

In the meantime, we from Autosentral urge you to stay at home to not only protect yourself but towards your fellow family members as well as to the community around us. Because only together, we can overcome this.