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Identify The Right Time To Buy A New Car

· Personal Finance,Cost Saving Tips

Some people like buying a brand-new car every few years, even though their current one isn't that old and still runs well. Others are afraid of buying a new car and would like to never have to do so. So, how do you know when it's time to upgrade your vehicle?


For some people, if you have to make more than two or three repairs in a year, it's already time to buy a new car. Attractive financing options just add to the attractiveness of the concept. Is this, however, a legitimate excuse to purchase a new vehicle? Let's look at some of the variables that should be considered before making a decision. After all, buying a new car is a large investment. It's also one of those unnoticed expenditures that can quickly deplete your savings and boost your credit limits. As a result, purchasing a new vehicle can never be taken lightly.

#1: Your Current Car's Maintenance Costs Are Draining You

Even on late-model vehicles, car repair bills are unavoidable. But, as cars age, they undergo more frequent and costly maintenance as they age. Since so much is based on individual situations, it's difficult to decide when to purchase a new vehicle.

If your car needs three repairs for a total of RM 1,500 during the year, you might decide that, based on the car payment barometer, it's worth keeping your old car. If, on the other hand, you have five repairs totaling RM 3,500, you may decide that it's near enough to the cost of new car payments to justify purchasing one.

#2: The Car Breaks Down Too Frequently

This also related to car repairs, but in a different way. It's probably that the real cost of maintenance isn't so high that it becomes overwhelming. It's possible that the vehicle just breaks down too much and spends too much time in the shop. This can cause you to rely on rented vehicles, other drivers, or even go without a car more often than is practical.

When deciding whether or not to retain your current car or trade it in for a new one, price is always a consideration. However, reliability is also crucial. It won't help you save money if you're driving an older car and losing access to it on a daily and predictable basis.


#3: You Need A Car With Up-To-Date Technology

Cars have become much more reliable in recent decades. It is possible to drive the same car for 15 to 20 years, despite the fact that it is not a cultural standard in America. However, due to technological advancements, an older vehicle can simply lack the equipment that you need or desire.


For example, the technology capabilities. It may be necessary for you to update your vehicle's technical capabilities. You can decide, for example, that you need built-in navigation, Bluetooth phone connectivity, and a USB port for charging your phone. This is especially true if such facilities are needed in your line of work.

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#4: Your Car Is No Longer Appropriate For Your Lifestyle

This is one of the most common reasons for people to purchase new vehicles. If your lifestyle changes, your old vehicle will no longer be suitable. For example, if you used to drive a fuel-efficient subcompact but are now married with small children, you would most likely need a larger vehicle.


A change in occupation could necessarily require the purchase of a new vehicle. If you have an older car that is ideal for regular commuting but you are now self-employed and need a vehicle with plenty of storage space, you will need to trade it in for an SUV or a pickup truck.

#5: You Can Easily Afford It

Many people find themselves in conditions similar to the ones mentioned above, but they are unable to buy new vehicles due to a lack of financial capital. We always have to work within our means, because no matter how bad your current driving situation is, you can only change it if you can afford it.

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If you do decide to buy a new car, make sure you can afford it comfortably. You must be able to manage not only the monthly payment, but also the higher cost of car insurance. Those costs are directly proportional to the vehicle's value. This is especially true in the case of car insurance, as any new vehicle would need crash and comprehensive coverage in addition to general liability coverage.

Buying a new car is a significant life decision that should not be taken lightly. Before you make the move, think about your lifestyle, your needs, and, most importantly, your finances. Feel free to visit the website and please don’t hesitate to contact the Autosentral team via phone (+60 19-383 9484) or email with any questions.