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How much do you know about Comprehensive Car Insurance?

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What do a Mercedes and a Myvi have in common? To be allowed on the road, both vehicles must have proper car insurance. If you own a car, whether new or used, domestic or foreign, you must have valid auto insurance in order to drive it on the road .Furthermore, if you don't have current auto insurance and road tax (these two go hand in hand; you can't buy or renew one without the other), you may be required to pay additional fees for traffic summons if you are stopped by the police or at a roadblock.


Type of car insurance available in Malaysia?

1. Third Party Cover 

Third-party insurance is usually the cheapest of the three types of car insurance available in Malaysia, and it is also the most basic. This coverage, however, does not cover any damages to your person or car.

2. Third-Party and Theft Cover 

Third-party fire and theft protection works similarly to third-party coverage, with the exception that this policy lets you file a claim if your automobile is damaged by fire or stolen.

3.Comprehensive Cover 

This automobile insurance policy provides a broader range of coverage than the previous two car insurance policies. It not only covers all of the things described above, but it also covers damage to your OWN car!


What Your Car Insurance Will Not Cover?

1. A car accident results in your death or bodily injury.

If you believe that a normal vehicle insurance policy will cover your medical expenditures – or even your burial expenses – in the event of a car accident, you are mistaken. Even a comprehensive car insurance policy only covers your vehicle's damages.


To help cover your medical bills, you can add Personal Accident insurance as a rider to your automobile insurance.


2. Your responsibility for passenger claims

When a passenger is injured in a car accident, their case is usually easier than the driver's; if the collision involves two vehicles, one of the drivers will almost certainly be found responsible and liable for the passenger's physical injuries


You can add Passenger Liability Extension Cover to your automobile insurance policy to avoid paying for these claims out of your own pocket.


3.Natural disasters, such as floods and landslides that can cause vehicle damage.

Natural disasters, which include things like earthquakes and hurricanes, are normally not covered by ordinary auto insurance policy.


You can choose to add additional coverage for natural disasters to your policy. Of course, this will result in a higher premium, but if you live in a location prone to floods and landslides, it's better to pay the extra money than to spend all of your funds on repairs, which would almost certainly be prohibitively expensive.


So, now that you've learned everything there is to know about auto insurance in Malaysia, we hope you'll continue to drive safely and intelligently. Until next time, have a safe and enjoyable drive!insurance