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Do you know that PLUS will begin accepting debit & credit cards toll payment in the near future.

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PLUS will implement RFID toll payment for passenger vehicles - class 1 on the main stretch of the North South Highway (NSE) from Juru in Penang to Skudai in Johor, as previously announced. On January 15, 2022, RFID toll collection will begin.

All 83 toll plazas along the NSE will feature at least one RFID lane as part of the country's largest toll operator's RFID rollout (Klang Valley highways have been taking RFID for some time now). PLUS has been working hard to promote RFID usage, and has even created a dedicated page for it. We discovered something new on the "Jom RFID" page.

PLUS claims that debit and credit card toll payment options will be available soon, with pilot testing now ongoing at certain toll plazas – see screenshot above – in the "Lebih Senang" area, which touts the convenience of RFID.

This is a smart idea that will benefit drivers because practically everyone has debit and credit cards, which are always in their wallets. Residents of the Klang Valley may have observed that, in addition to Touch n Go, more shopping mall parking lots now accept credit cards. It would also be more convenient to pay with a credit card because there would be no need to reload.