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Cheap vs Expensive Car Wash– Which One Is Better?

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Here’s a harsh truth, not all car washes are created equal. Some are run by bawah pokok entrepreneurs, while some are run by automotive detailers with a proper brick and mortar establishment. While, to a certain extent it is true that they both produce the same outcome which is clean, sparkly cars and the only real difference is the price points, but the big question is what’s the difference? We’re glad you asked.Below we have all the answers. 

What Are The Differences Between Cheap and Expensive Car Wash?

Quality of the Products

If you compare convenience, then yes cheap car washes are everywhere. It is also easily accessible, and a full wash plus vacuum can be done on the cheap in under 30 minutes. Great when you’re in a pinch. But the one thing that no one really knows is what sort of chemical is being used. 

It can be diluted dishwashing liquid, or some questionable mixture of degreasing agent with other synthetic solution. Not only may the shampoo harm the clear coat, its potency can sometimes strip away waxes and sealants, resulting in a clean, albeit completely unprotected and hydrophilic finish.

Car Washing Technique 

Did you know that there are specific ways and techniques to wash a car? Most of the car wash attendants at cheap car washes are taught no more than the basic techniques and to chase volume, and let’s not forget the occasional “water wax” hard sell. Well, don’t get us wrong and there is absolutely nothing wrong there. 

But improper care and apathy will cause the paint to dull, because most of the clear coat (the actual layer that makes paint look glossy) would have eroded or oxidised. Whereas if you go to a professional, they know the exact manner that preserves the quality and integrity of the car.

So, Which Is Better?

As with any industry, you’ll have to separate the wheat from the chaff. So if you truly love your car and don’t want to risk anything at the hands of the inexperienced then pay that RM30 or more, it depends. Otherwise, if you’re up for it, maybe try your hands at some basic car care.

With the right car wash technique and a little bit of UV protection, your factory paint job will last for decades. Oh, and please have some respect for your car and avoid those automatic car washes, will you?