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Brand New Proton X70 CKD 2020

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Proton has recently launched the 2020 CKD X70 with several upgrades and revisions. For the benefit of those who haven't known, CKD refers to “Completely Knocked Down” that means cars that are locally assembled and sold. With tax holidays announced by the government earlier this month, consumers stand to benefit from additional savings, starting 15 June 2020.

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Apparently, the 2020 CKD X70 did have some changes on the stylish parts. Virtually, Proton has adopted the new logo badge on the new X70 at the very first time of their cars. Proton claims that the new logo is a symbol of moving forward which lookalike an arrow leading the brand to the future- Proton also said the “Tiger” is now uncaged.

Besides the logo badges of the entire new X70, the rest of the visual parts remain the same with the previous CBU version. Under the hood, the new X70 remains the 1.8-liter TDGi turbocharged engine producing 182hp at 5,500rpm and 285Nm of torque for all variants. Surprisingly, the new X70 transmission has replaced from 6-speed automatic gearbox to 7-speed DCT (dual-clutch) - which is developed by Geely and Volvo – Standard in all variants.

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For the interior, the X70 CKD steering logo has revised to the new logo of Proton. The seat adjustment has upgraded to power adjustment. The seat offers 6-way adjustment with 2-way lumbar support while the front seat offers 4-way adjustment.

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Although there are not many changes between CBU and CKD X70, the good news is for people who buy either of them will get the tax exemptions. For CBU X70's highest price range for the current market, offers RM 99,000.00 and CKD is RM 122,800.00. Do follow our Autosentral Facebook page to get updated for the latest price range of the 2020 Proton X70.

What is the best deal you asked? Cash rebates + First year 0% interest rebate worth RM 3,558.00! The promotion starts from 1st June 2020, so feel free to contact our Autosentral Autogenius team for more info and book your CKD X70 now while stock last.

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