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Brand New Proton Iriz

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The brand new Proton Iriz is back on the market, gearing up for the international market. It was created to compete with the same segment of Honda Jazz, Mazda 2 hatchback, and Perodua Myvi, sporting upgrades and revisions that oversee a multitude of new features, including 367 changes from the previous version.

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This new Iriz exterior has been given a refurbished, sportier and sharper exterior look. It replaces the projectors headlight from the previous version with reflector halogen headlights, as well as a full-width “Ethereal Bow” design chrome strip that adjoins from the centre section all the way towards the Proton logo. The front grille was inspired by Proton X70 Infinite Weave pattern, while the lower front grille is much smaller fitted with the LED daytime running lights.

Under the hood, it comes with two options of VVT N/A (naturally-aspirated) engine which is 1.3-litre inline four-cylinder 16 valve DOHC producing 94 bhp and 120 Nm, or the 1.6-litre inline four-cylinder 16 valve DOHC producing 107 bhp and 150 Nm. Both options are equipped with CVT automatic transmission so if you like shifting gear manually, you can always opt for a 1.3-litre manual transmission.

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For the rear of the car, a gloss black strip added to the back door that joins the tails lights, the rear logo badge is now replaced with the Proton script. The lower rear bumper comes with a larger black diffuser that matches the front bumper sporty look.

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Do you know that the latest model is capable of remote trunk release? That means you can now open the trunk with just a single press of button to load and unload easily. This function is only available in the 1.3 litre Executive, 1.6 litre Executive and 1.6 litre Premium variants only. For the wheels, this model comes with the newly designed two-tone 15-inch alloy wheels on Executive and Premium variants.

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As we move towards the interior of the car, the new Iriz comes with the iconic voice command system which allows you to start your command with just saying “Hi Proton” and the voice recognition system will activate the required command. As for the seat however, only the Premium variant is fitted with semi-leather seat while the rest of the other variants equipped with fabric.

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