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A Mobile Phone Is What You Need To Pay For Fuel

The Revolution of E-Wallet In Malaysia Going To Petrol Pumps

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We know Shell stations are currently accepting Boost and Touch n Go e-wallet payments, and cash backs on offer are aplenty. Who doesn't love cashbacks when not too long ago, cashbacks from petrol are only reserved for the credit card holders only. Now everyone can!

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Just not too long ago, news got out that even Petronas's very own e-wallet app, Setel are now accepted in almost all of their stations including the rural locations - which means they would be able to facilitate the app payment in over 700 stations nationwide.

The reason why we love e-wallet apps like Setel, Boost, TnG is its purpose of making transaction of fuel easier for everyday commuters like us. As time past, additional features like integration of Mesra points for the Setel app, retail payment and even the ability to vote for favourite songs contributes to the popularity it has garnered today - talking about skipping credit card altogether and just done from inside the car (specially myself as I am a lazy Malaysian). Best part? No more keeping crazy long physical receipts. Whenever we claim for petrol fees we can now just open the app and e-mail the statement to be submitted to the accounts or finance department - easy!

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When there were all talks about sedantry lifestyle among Malaysians that has led to multiple problems like obesity, even the petrol station companies are making us Malaysians lazier but we're not complaining!